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Los Angeles, CA – Haizi Haze, the trailblazing female stoner hip-hop artist, is hyped to release her latest single, "Indica Sativa.” The song hit all major streaming platforms on 4/20 at 4:20am, and serves listeners with a refreshing blend of vintage vibes & cannabis-infused bars. The official music video was uploaded to Haizi’s YouTube channel on May 16, and is already poised to become a new anthem for fans of hip-hop and cannabis culture alike.

"Indica Sativa" dives into the world of cannabis culture through the eyes of a black female entrepreneur. The track can be played in rotation with vintage Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y records and showcases the authentic brand Haizi Haze has built both as a recording artist & tastemaker in the cannabis industry. 


The cover art for "Indica Sativa" is a testament to the track's message and distinct vibe. Designed by the legendary Ron “RiskieForever” Brent, (the same artist who designed 2PAC’s iconic "Makaveli" album art), the “Indica Sativa” cover art features an original painting of Haizi Haze. Haizi’s collab with Riskie pays tribute to timeless art in hip-hop, and respectfully bridges old with new in a way that only Haizi Haze can do.

The “Indica Sativa” visual experience takes the viewer on a journey deep into the mind of Haizi Haze. In a world of constantly evolving technology, there are a couple of innovative stoner toys & devices that are worth noting. 

Haizi can be seen using the Cenote by Auxo, a new Smart Rig ($400 retail price). “I love Dabs, but I don’t love the process of torching a bowl until it’s red hot,” says Haizi. “The Cenote hits are so clean, and I love being able to use the app on my phone to hit a dab at the perfect temperature.”




After dozens of dab rips, Haizi can then be seen using the Smoke Thrower by Fuma Enterprises to smoke out an entire crowd on 4/20. The Smoke Thrower ($600 retail price ) uses an air pump to pull smoke through a network of PVC pipes and shoot smoke through a barrel (like a canna-gun). “It was wild, dozens of people were lining up to get a hit, and we just kept repacking the bowl all night...definitely a 420 to remember” Wiz Khalifa made this device famous in a viral video & mentioned the product on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. 



"I wanted to represent for the girl stoners, who stay pretty & stay making moves," says Haizi. Indica Sativa is a song made by a stoner for other stoners. It’s a much needed Re-Up of Haze for listeners who enjoy these classic vibes like I do.”


"Indica Sativa" is now available on all major music platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. 

For more information about Haizi Haze and her upcoming projects, please sign up for updates on and follow her on Instagram @HaiziHaze

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